Contact Information and pricing/fees

                    So, how do you reach me....?

Without a doubt, the most efficient and successful method of attracting my attention is through email.

My address is:

You may also write to me at the following address:

Marya Katz, NBCT


702 Elizabeth Drive

Blacksburg, VA  24060

I can be reached by phone at (540) 961-4435

The fees to engage my services for a Playful-Shop are usually negotiable, depending on the length of time you need for the session, the distance I will need to travel, and the number of participants expected. 

The range of pricing is as follows:

For a 2-hour “After-School” inservice:  $200 - $350

For a half-day session:  $400 - $600

For a full-day Playful-Shop:  $650 - $850