Marya Katz

About Myself
Name:  Marya Katz
Age:  (are you kidding? do you really think I’m going to tell you that on a web page???)
Birthday:  November 12th, in case you want to send me a card! (but I’m still not telling the year..)
Status:  Retired Public School Music Teacher (vocal emphasis, 33 years experience, all levels)
Education:  B.A., M.A. in Music Education (Alderson-Broaddus College; Marshall University, WV)


702 Elizabeth Drive
Blacksburg, VA  24060


Honors:   National Board Certified Teacher in Early/Middle Childhood Music, 2002.  Also, inclusion in several “Who’s Who” Editions (American Women, American Education, American Colleges and Universities)
Other Activities:  Performer with Simple Gifts of the Blue Ridge (hammered dulcimer, guitar, various percussion instruments, vocal; we have 4 CDs recorded, the latest one being a compilation of some of the tunes and songs that I have composed over the years)
Additional Workshops:  I have also been the leader at various hammered dulcimer workshops, including the Swannanoa Gathering, the Cranberry Gathering, the Nutmeg Dulcimer Festival, the Pocono Winter Dulcimer Festival, and the Winston-Salem Dulcimer Festival

National Board Mentoring: In addition to the dulcimer and the teaching workshops, I am a trained mentor-coach for National Board candidates, and have been a co-leader of a local support group for many years.

Publications  (link to page)

I think I “wrote” my first song when I was about 4 years old.  As I remember, it was something about the days of the week, and I recall sitting on a neighbor’s lawn chanting it over and over and over...lucky for me, no one was home or I might have spent the next several years in serious therapy!

My first inkling that music would be a dominant force in my life came when my family moved to an old farmhouse, which came complete with an old upright piano -- the ivories were damaged beyond repair, and many of the notes didn’t actually play.  I was in heaven!  I taught myself “Jingle Bells” (in several octaves to account for the missing notes) and played other less-memorable tunes until my parents decided they had better get me involved in piano lessons.  So, at age 8, my formal training began -- and where music is concerned, I’m still learning new tricks now.

After 33 years of teaching public school music (K-6 and pre-K-5 elementary general music, 6-8 middle school general music, and 9-12 high school choir), I decided that I wanted to do something different, but keep the focus of my work on music.  The idea for these workshops was born when I began to attend many staff development sessions where I thought “I would like to do that!”  I started offering mini-sessions to my immediate colleagues, then longer sessions in formal staff development settings, and finally sessions which integrated music and core curricular area subjects to teachers in other disciplines and academic classroom teachers in my area of southwest Virginia.  As I continued, many attendees began to encourage me to think about doing this as a service AND as a career, which brings me to this point. 

Life Without Music? Impossible!